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Aircraft Detail

Administrative Information:
File No. 10099642
Adjuster's Name: Peter Kirchen
Bid Closing Date: 11/25/2016
Aircraft Details:
Year: 1987 
FAA No: N311VT 
AC SN: 0229E 
AC TT: 17,381.5 Hours  
Location of Salvage: Peter Kirchen
CAP Hangar
Hilo, HI
Phone: 310-824-1777, Fax: 310-824-0892
Description of accident: On October 4, 2016, about 0910 Hawaiian standard time, a McDonnell Douglas Helicopter (MDHI) 369E N311VT, sustained substantial damage to the main rotor during initial climb from a remote location at Kohala Mountains near Waimea, Hawaii. The commercial pilot and 2 passengers were not injured. The helicopter was registered to, and operated by Volcano Helicopters Inc. under the provision of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight which operated on a company flight plan.

The pilot reported that he had completed transportation of an external load to a remote location. After landing, 2 passengers boarded the helicopter, and the pilot took off back to a staging area. Prior to take-off, he jettisoned a 20 foot longline used to transport a load from the cargo hook by pressing the hook release switch. During the initial climb, at about 75-100 feet above ground level, the pilot experienced a moderate aberration in the cyclic flight control, followed by a significant vertical vibration, and observed that the main rotor blade track had a substantial blade spread. The pilot performed a precautionary landing to a nearby suitable area.

During a post-accident examination, it was noted that a portion of one of the main rotor blade tips was missing, and that the blade was bent aft. Additionally, 3 blades exhibited scratch marks on their respective leading edges. Furthermore, the longline was not found in the helicopter nor was it recovered at the site.
Cost of storage per day/month $: N/A  
Additional Comments:
Aircraft experienced high rotor vibration followed by a hard landing.  
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Engine Information

Model Information Total Hours Since
Eng# Make and Model: TBO Hours New Reman Overhaul
1 Allison 250-C20 Series 10.176.6
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Prop Information

Prop# Make and Model: Present Hours: TBO Hours:
There are currently no props for this aircraft.
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Instrument Information

Instrument Make Model Serial No Helicopter Data
Airframe oil filter           
Anti-ice fuel filter           
Apollo SL 40 comm           
Blue Sky Network D1000C satellite modem           
Concorde RG 500 battery           
FDC air filter           
High skid gear           
King KT76C transponder           
NAT 136D FM radio           
NAT AA21 PA controller with PA-110 amplifier           
NAT AMS 42 audio controller           
Onboard Systems Cargo hook           
Precise Flight pulse light system           
Whelen LED strobe lights           
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Question Answer Comments
Is the aircraft stored in a secure area? Yes N/A
Are the avionics stored in a secure area? Yes N/A
Is the title free and clear of liens? Yes N/A
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Documents and logbooks available

A/W Certificate Included
AD's Included
Airframe Logs Included
Bill of Sale Included
Clear Title Included
Engine Logs Included
Equipment List Included
Photos Included
POH Included
Registration Certificate Included
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