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Aircraft Detail

Administrative Information:
File No. 10193510
Adjuster's Name: Jarrett Dorough
Bid Closing Date: 06/19/2019
Aircraft Details:
Mfg/Model: Socata TBM 900 
Year: 2014 
FAA No: N950AX 
AC SN: 1021 
AC TT: 788.8  
Location of Salvage: Judy Bender
Sparks Aviation Center
Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-835-2048, Fax: 918-835-3534
Description of accident: Aircraft sustained a hard landing resulting in the left main and nose gear collapsing.  
Cost of storage per day/month $: $350 per month  
Additional Comments:
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Engine Information

Model Information Total Hours Since
Eng# Make and Model: TBO Hours New Reman Overhaul
1 Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66 2811.2 788.8
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Prop Information

Prop# Make and Model: Present Hours: TBO Hours:
1 Hartzell HC-E5N-3C 788.8 2811.2
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Instrument Information

Instrument Make Model Serial No Helicopter Data
Chart view option for GDUs            
Cover Cabinet Door           
Electric pitch and rudder trims           
Garmin 1000 upgraded to NXI level           
Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology            
GDL 69 A data-link XM/WX weather information            
GSR56 Data-link with Sat-phone            
GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System           
GTX 33 Mode S transponder (#2)           
GWX 70 digital four color weather radar            
Insert exterior Table Cover           
KN 63 DME displayed on GDU 1040as           
One Lower Storage Cabinet            
RA 4500 Radar Altimeter displayed on PFDs           
RVSM data package           
TAWS-B, class B TAWS worldwide database           
Wood or Carbon Fiber Trim Central Upper Panel           
WX 500 Stormscope displayed on G1000 displays           
XM audio infotainment            
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Question Answer Comments
Is the aircraft stored in a secure area? Yes N/A
Are the avionics stored in a secure area? Yes N/A
Is the title free and clear of liens? No N/A
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Documents and logbooks available

A/W Certificate Included
AD's Included
Airframe Logs Included
Bill of Sale Included
Clear Title Not Available
Engine Logs Included
Equipment List Included
Photos Included
POH Included
Registration Certificate Included
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