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Aircraft Detail

Administrative Information:
File No. WBC-AV-123672
Adjuster's Name: Denny Mayfield
Bid Closing Date: 05/18/2012
Aircraft Details:
Mfg/Model: Cessna 152 
Year: 1978 
FAA No: N25212 
AC SN: N15280531 
AC TT: 15,370  
Location of Salvage: Carl Kraus
Midwest Executive Aircraft
2751 NE Douglas
Lee's Summit, MO 64054

Phone: 816-246-4560
Description of accident: Loss of directional control on landing.  
Cost of storage per day/month $: To Be Determined  
Additional Comments:
Wings, Control Surfaces appear undamaged. Horizontal and vertical tail surfaces appear undamaged.  
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Engine Information

Model Information Total Hours Since
Eng# Make and Model: TBO Hours New Reman Overhaul
1 Lycoming 0235-L2C 2400 1,376.2
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Prop Information

Prop# Make and Model: Present Hours: TBO Hours:
1 72CKS6-0-54
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Instrument Information

Instrument Make Model Serial No Helicopter Data
#1 Nav/Com  Cessna  RT385A       
Transponder  Cessna  RT359A       
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Question Answer Comments
Is the aircraft stored in a secure area? Yes N/A
Are the avionics stored in a secure area? Yes N/A
Is the title free and clear of liens? Yes N/A
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Documents and logbooks available

A/W Certificate Included
AD's Not Available
Airframe Logs Included
Bill of Sale Included
Clear Title Included
Engine Logs Included
Equipment List Included
Photos Not Available
POH Not Available
Registration Certificate Included
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