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Aircraft Detail

Administrative Information:
File No. WBC-AV-124204
Adjuster's Name: Dean West
Bid Closing Date: 12/13/2012
Aircraft Details:
Mfg/Model: Cessna 172P 
Year: 1983 
FAA No: N65835 
AC SN: 17275903 
AC TT: 6237  
Location of Salvage: c/o Kern Wooley - Dean West
Air Transport - Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 310-824-1777, x361, Fax: 310-824-0892
Description of accident: Stall after departure  
Cost of storage per day/month $: $5/day  
Additional Comments:
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Engine Information

Model Information Total Hours Since
Eng# Make and Model: TBO Hours New Reman Overhaul
1 Lycoming O-320-D2J 1046
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Prop Information

Prop# Make and Model: Present Hours: TBO Hours:
There are currently no props for this aircraft.
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Instrument Information

Instrument Make Model Serial No Helicopter Data
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Question Answer Comments
There are currently no questions for this aircraft.
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Documents and logbooks available

Aicraft Secured Included
Airframe Logs Included
Avionics stored in Secure Place Included
AW Certificate Included
Bill of Sale Not Available
Clear Title Included
Engine Logs Included
Logbooks Included
Registration Included
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