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Aircraft Detail

Administrative Information:
File No. WBC-AV-145600
Adjuster's Name: Bill Kinsley
Bid Closing Date: 09/10/2014
Aircraft Details:
Mfg/Model: Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II 
Year: 1976 
FAA No: N6144J 
AC SN: 28R-7635302 
AC TT: 10,143.0  
Location of Salvage: Bill Kinsley
Lansing, IL
Phone: (630) 297-8818
Description of accident: Renter pilot had a hard landing causing damage to Right Main Landing Gear which caused damage to the upper right wing surface. The Nose Landing Gear was also bent and there is evidence of hard landing damage to the engine firewall and surrounding airframe structure.  
Cost of storage per day/month $: None advised  
Additional Comments:
Aircraft records for Airframe, Engine, and Propeller were reconstructed due to loss of aircraft documentation on June 2008. All maintenance documentation since June 2008 for airframe, engine and propeller are complete.  
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Engine Information

Model Information Total Hours Since
Eng# Make and Model: TBO Hours New Reman Overhaul
1 Textron Lycoming IO-360 2000 5862.1 2038
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Prop Information

Prop# Make and Model: Present Hours: TBO Hours:
1 Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF/F7666A-2 10,142.9 2,000/4,482.9 TSMOH
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Instrument Information

Instrument Make Model Serial No Helicopter Data
#1 Nav/Com  Narco  Comm 11       
#2 Nav/Com  Narco  Comm 11       
ADF  Narco  141       
Audio Panel  Narco  CP 136       
Autopilot  Piper  Auto control 1       
DMA  Narco  890       
GPS  Garmin  GPS-155       
Transponder  Narco  150       
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Question Answer Comments
Is the aircraft stored in a secure area? Yes Yes
Are the avionics stored in a secure area? Yes Yes
Is the title free and clear of liens? Yes Yes
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Documents and logbooks available

A/W Certificate Included
AD's Included
Airframe Logs Included
Bill of Sale Included
Clear Title Included
Engine Logs Included
Equipment List Not Available
Photos Included
POH Included
Registration Certificate Included
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